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Green Gables

My dears,

while walking around Green Gables you can see the dormant winter nature... Please look at how the plants are resting.

My dears,
Time passes slowly and peacefully in Fairytale Green Gables and the surrounding area.

Na Basniowym Zielonym Wzgorzu 4.JPG
Na Basniowym Zielonym Wzgorzu 3.JPG
Na Basniowym Zielonym Wzgorzu 5.JPG
Na Basniowym Zielonym Wzgorzu 2.JPG

My dear,

I present to you the charming Anne of Green Gables by Ewa Jangas.

I invite :)

Ulotka_sladem Ani_sesja kapeluszowa mm.jpg

My dear,

after the first trip "In the footsteps of Anne of Green Gables" there are nice memories and a framed photo that is waiting for nails so that it can take a chosen place on the wall.

pamiatka z wycieczki m.jpg

My dear,

after the "In the footsteps of Anne of Green Gables" trip, it was time to write diplomas for the winners of the Lucy Maud Montgomery novel knowledge competition and prepare commemorative photos. Photos will help preserve memories.

wspomnienia z wycieczki m.jpg

My dear,

The first Anne of Green Gables tour has come to an end. We walked around Sulistrowiczki, drew, read, ate dinner and did a hat session and shopping. Lots of impressions!

My dear,

in the Ślężański store, an island with books and souvenirs straight from the Anne of Green Gables Store on Prince Edward Island is waiting for tomorrow's trippers. In this corner full of regional peculiarities, everyone will probably find something for themselves.

Pamiatki sklep m.jpg

My dear,

The tour "In the footsteps of Anne of Green Gables" is fast approaching. We will take a walk, change clothes, take pictures, eat a tasty dinner and take part in a competition in which the jury will be children.
May only spring not spare us the sun and  warmth all day long.

zielone wzgorze bzy.jpg

My dear,

next Tuesday, children from Ania's school will go to Sulistrowiczki on a trip "In the footsteps of Anne of Green Gables". They will probably travel in a similar coach to the one from which the Wrocław dwarf got off.

skrzat autobus m.jpg

My dear,

in the orchard on the Fairy-tale Green Gables, the apple tree branches bend under the weight of the fruit. Autumn apples, juicy and fragrant, taste delicious. In winter, cut into strips and dried, they will bring back memories of warm September days.

My dear,

I would like to invite you cordially and on holiday to the first trip in the series "In the footsteps of Anne from Green Gables", entitled "Christmas on the Green Gables".

Many surprises await hikers. Please read the leaflet carefully. See you at the Fairy-tale Green Gables!

Ulotka_sladem Ani_swiateczna.jpg

My dear,

On the Fairy Tale Green Gables you can meet a herd of goats led by Leoś.

Please see how they walk in the nearby forest.

My dear,

I cordially invite you to a lovely trip "In the footsteps of Anne of Green Gables".
Maybe some of you will gather a group of children and one day we will meet at the Fairy-tale Green Gables.

Ulotka_sladem Ani 2.jpg
jesienny kozak.jpg

My dear,

it got chilly and rainy. Soon it will be time for boots. Please take a look at what kind of wooden cossack Ania discovered in the woodshed on the Fairy-tale Green Gables.

My dear,

have you stocked up for winter? Every decent forest elf supplies the pantry in the autumn with: jars with various preserves, nuts and dried herbs.
The same happens on the Fairy-tale Green Gables. Please look at the pictures of the bottles with juices and syrups.

Good morning dear :)


We greet you warmly from the apple orchard on the Fairy-tale Green Gables and we wish you a beautiful Saturday :)

My dear,

apples and pears ripen on the branches in autumn orchards. Those from the Fairy-tale Green Gables smell and taste forest, bees, birds, wandering, mint and lavender ...

Juicy and sweet, you want to crunch.

My dear,

I invite you to continue mushroom picking on the Fairy-tale Green Gables. Please take a look at the beautiful real mushrooms. Ania and her grandfather took care of them diligently.

My dear,

mushrooms appeared on the Fairy-tale Green Gables, among them mushrooms and toadstools.

First of all, I am going to show you beautifully flecked purple hats.

My dear,

In the idyllic landscape of the Fairy-tale Green Gables, summer is like a feather cloud drifting across the endless blue sky.

Good morning sweethearts :)

We wish you a nice holiday day and please see what beautiful, red tomatoes Ania and her grandfather had. See you on Sunday :)

Lick your fingers :)

pomidorki 1.JPG

My dear,

there is a small reservoir near the Fairy-tale Green Gables.

On hot days, it's nice to soak your feet and watch some pretty fish.

Good morning dear :)

We greet you from the Fairy-tale Green Gables :)

My dear,

In summer, the Fairy Green Hill blooms with flowers and smells of fruit. Time passes sweetly in the lush green trees and intoxicating scent of herbs ...

My dear,
after yesterday's hot day it was rainy and cooler. The sun-weary gardens bathed in torrents of abundant  deszczu. I open the window and inhale the scent of summer, plants and earth. And I think to myself that on the Fairy-tale Green Gables, flowers become more beautiful and fruits ripen: gooseberries, currants, wild strawberries and apples.

Near the Fairy-tale Green Hill.

My dear,
noble castles and palaces of Lower Silesia are proud of their beauty around Fairytale Green Hill. Today we had the opportunity to admire the noble beauty and dignity of some of them.

Karpniki Castle

Garden at the Manor House "Widow's House" in Łomnica

My dear,

There are only a few days left until Midsummer Night, so in Sobótka, which we pass on the way to Fairy Green Hill, they are celebrating today and weaving wreaths. Ania and I felt like rusalkas.

My dear,

Ania and I discovered a mysterious herb garden near the house. Please look at rosemary, mint and garlic. There is taste, smell and a pinch of magic in herbs, right?

My dear,
well, I have a weakness for meadows and clearings ... I share with you their charm and summer beauty.

Good morning sweethearts :)

Can you hear it raining? In your gardens, on your balconies? How do the droplets hit the windowsill? Listen to me.

It's good for your plants :)

My dear,

on the way to Fairytale Green Gables, you can see small ducklings, a calf, a goat and sheep. The idyllic landscape evokes a smile and gives rise to a longing for the old, simple life. It is pleasant among the green fields and corn ears.

drzewo 1.jpg

My dear,

I have had my tree in the park for years. There used to be a bench under it. The tree remembers the sighs, whispers, confessions of those who sat on it. My tree is so monumental and beautiful that it cannot go unnoticed ... Please take a look and be amazed by its lush crown and strong trunk.

My dear,

a bloated little book tied with a ribbon carries the secret of a grandma's kitchen. I am tempted to write down recipes for dishes that we remember today from childhood or we know only from family stories.

My dear,

I invite you to see the photos taken by Ania in the grandparents' garden.

My dear,

on the Fairy-tale Green Gables,

bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, chicks are growing up. Please look at a beautiful peony, a floral temptress.

My dear,

today's road to Fairytale Green Gables led through roads with slopes overgrown with clumps of field poppies.

My dear,

time stubbornly moves the hands on the dials of our life clocks ... Only a photograph or a portrait freeze the moment. The one in the photo passed three years ago, and it seems to be so close.

zlociste wspomnienia.jpg

My dear,

two years ago we planted an apple tree in the garden. Last year, it had only two fruits. This summer, when looking at the flowers, we can expect a basket of apples. Please see how delightfully it bloomed.

My dear,
poets, painters and writers have long appreciated the beauty and intoxicating scent of lilacs. So immerse yourself in fragrant purple, white and pink ...

Kwitnace bzy.jpg

Golden carpets

- the May road to the Fairy-tale Green Gables.

My dear,
the road to Fairy Green Hill is captivating, especially in May, when the golden carpets are in bloom.

Please look at the photos.

May on the Fairy-tale Green Gables

My dear,
I invite you today for a walk around the Fairy-tale Green Gables. All around it is blooming, fragrant, buzzing and delightful ...

magnolia 2.jpg

My dear,

a gentle breath of wind is enough to bathe the spring alleys in flower petals. Take a look at the romantic table under the magnolia.

My dear,
on such a beautiful spring day you don't have to persuade you to go for a walk ... Spring should not be missed.

wiosenny spacer.jpg

My dear,

Easter is fast approaching and the time of painting Easter eggs. During our walks around the Fairy-tale Green Gables, Ania and I met a talented artist who can create wonders from paper.

Please take a look at the Easter Cottage. Isn't he cute?

wielkanocny domek.jpg

Good morning dear  :)

We wish you healthy, joyful and peaceful Easter and beautiful spring weather :)

See you after Easter.

My dear,

at last it was a wonderfully warm day, and the buds huddled in the cold bloomed. Ania and I went for a walk to look at the spring gardens.

kwitnace magnolie.JPG
wiosenne paki.jpg

My dear,

despite the fact that it is cool and rainy, the buds mature and become more beautiful on the trees. Look closely at the branches and you will see how life is born. It is good to immerse yourself in green, because green is pleasant.

My dear,

there is so much hope, life, beauty and strength in the flowering branches. Sometimes I embrace a thick trunk, press my cheek against the bark and feel this great power. And when the world around you is sad, I wish you trees that will come to life after winter.

My dear,

I wish you a spring day and flowers around.

My Miles,

the golden hearts of daisies smell of joy and resemble tiny suns.

Someone once said that daisies are so cute.

I admit it is right.

kwiaty na oknie.jpg

My dear,

Today I saw violets on the lawn and I remembered the birch that my Grandpa planted for my first birthday. There were also violets under it ... Today there are no more Grandpa, birch trees or flowers ... A beautiful memory remains.

My dear,

I have not mentioned yet a wooden, exceptionally beautiful church in Sulistrowiczki. Take a look inside and feel the unique atmosphere of this place. A great space for prayer and reflection.

kosciol Sulistrowiczki 1.jpg
kosciol Sulistrowiczki 3.jpg
kosciol Sulistrowiczki 2.jpg

Good morning sweethearts :)

On the occasion of the first day of spring, we wish you a lot of serenity, hope, sun and flowers around ... and joy :)


My dear, 

armed with spikes, elegant and fragrant roses inspire poets, writers, painters ... You must admit that these are amazing flowers, don't you?

My dear,

writing about the fairy-tale green hill, I cannot ignore the duck sculpture.

Well, Ania's Grandma has a special fondness for these nice birds, as you can see in the photo.

Someone once said that the duck symbolizes caring, so I wish you a lot of care.

My dear,

The first flowers, heralds of spring, have already appeared on the Fairy Tale Green Hill. Please look at the tuft of snowdrops, isn't it cute?

My dear,

I invite you for a walk in the rays of the sun on the Fairy-tale Green Gables ...

Please take a look at the wonders that light makes.


My dear,

primroses are not only heralds of spring, but also magical flowers, entangled in stories about fairies and perfect fleurettes houses.

So let us enjoy them with the advent of warm days.

Good morning, Dear friends, I wish you a nice, peaceful weekend.

My dear,

Today I am sending you warm thoughts and a bit of spring.

wiosenne kwiaty 2.jpg
wiosenne kwiaty 1.jpg
wiosenne kwiaty 3.jpg
Ania z ksiazka 2.jpg
Ania z ksiazka.jpg

My love

Look, this is a Blue Girl absorbed in browsing the first part of Ania from the Fairytale Green Hill.

It is too early to read independently,

but in September we are going to school.

peonie 2.jpg

Enchanted bush


May peony, intoxicatingly fragrant is a magic gift from the Flower Fairy, once hosted in the orchard of blooming apple trees on the Fairy Tale Green Hill ...


House and garden

Some say that a chanter is born whenever a child’s laugh is echoed three times, but no one is entirely certain. One way or another, though, there are an awful lot of chanters in the world, though it’s hard to meet one accidentally. This is because chanters only appear when their help is urgently needed. On a daily basis, they prefer to live in isolation, far from the hustle and bustle to which mere mortals are accustomed.

Their homes are usually found on the edges of forests and are tucked away in the dense greenery of permanently blossoming shrubs and flowers.

Many chanters are especially fond of roses, whose buds and blossoms are protected by their thorny stems.

Soft, green lawns swarm with tiny daisies and four-leafed clover. To the side, in fragrant bushes, grow berries, wild strawberries and herbs, from which the chanters make special brews and syrups with equally special magic properties.

Chanters’ gardens are quite similar to each other and only a close observer will notice the differences in the varieties of plants and flowers, as well as appreciate the artistic design behind the apparent disorder.

After walking up the narrow path, sprinkled with small, shiny pebbles, which has enchanting blue flowers on both sides, you reach the wooden threshold and the traditionally open door. Only on chilly, snowy, windy or rainy days are they closed tightly. In such cases, you should pull the cord which shakes the clapper in a brass bell. Then the chanter knows she has guests.

Chanters’ houses, though small, are extremely cosy. In the middle of the living room, on a round table stands a glass ball with golden dust floating inside. Next to it, on a silver tray there lies a wand decorated with coloured beads and a star at the tip. Chanter wands vary in their length and intricacy.

A guest, awaiting a meeting with the hostess, will sit on the comfy sofa and recline against fluffy, embroidered cushions. The chanter, meanwhile, prepares a snack of an aromatic drink with some crumbly shortbread and jam.

In winter, a fire crackles in the hearth, whereas in summer, the friendly wind blows cooling gusts.

Sometimes, the cat, which is either dozing on the window sill or the pouffe, is in a friendly mood and will chat with the visitor.

The chanter’s workshop, which is a kind of laboratory, as well as a place for reflection, is in the attic. Narrow, winding steps lead up to it. To open the door requires a key, which every chanter carries on them.

Dom wrozki.jpg

Golden Road to the Fairytale Green Hill

The first day of May turned out to be a bit capricious. From the morning the rain played with the sun. Ania was waiting for the rainbow, but apparently the flowers, rainbow guards, were busy flicking a dew drop from the field flowers.
The spring smell of trees and earth bathed in rain lured us from home. We passed through the golden rugs straight to the Fairytale Green Hill. Look and admire the blooming nature.