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Anne from the Fairytale Land of Green Gables

My dear,

the first trip "In the footsteps of Anne of Green Gables", which I invite all children, will take place in April. And it will not be an ordinary trip, because George Campbell will visit us. Lucy's relative Maud Montgomery and host of the Anne of Green Gables Museum will come straight from Prince Edward Island to Polish children at Baśniowe Zielone Wzgórze in Sulistrowiczki. An extraordinary meeting is coming!

Zielone wzgorze 1.jpg

My dear,
at Fairytale Green Gables it's good to read about the cuisine of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island. Ania made beautiful bookmarks that make you want to read and cook.

Kuchnia Zielonego Wzgorza 2 m.jpg
Kuchnia Zielonego Wzgorza m.jpg

My dear,

I cordially invite you to the Traveler's Bookshop in Wrocław, where from today you can buy free brochures, maps and catalogs about Prince Edward Island and the Anne of Green Gables Museum.

My dear,
if you want to read about Prince Edward Island, I invite you to the Traveler Bookshop in Wrocław. From Monday, free catalogs and brochures about the place made famous by Anne of Green Gables will be available. I cordially invite you.

foldery Anne m.jpg
Muzeum Ani z Zielonego Wzgorza m.jpg

My dear,
yesterday I received a package straight from Prince Edward Island, and in it brochures about Anne of Green Gables. Soon I will take them to the Tourist Bookstore in Wrocław, but I encourage you to consider a long journey now.

My dear,

in the hat session, we can't forget about the boys. The farmer's hat has made a long journey. Dominik was the first to set it up. look please.

My dear,

a hat with red braids straight from Prince Edward Island inspired me to extend the program of the "In the footsteps of Anne of Green Gables" tour with a hat session. For the boys there is a farmer's hat, just like Mateusz used to wear.

Good morning dears :)


Hello to you and I want to introduce you to good news, namely I am just starting work on the Polish edition of Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gable, a book related to the trip In the footsteps of Anne of Green Gables, to which I invite children from all schools and it is Polish version of my Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gables released last year in January in Canada on Prince Edward Island.
The video was made by Anna :)

My dear,

I cordially invite you to the Ślężański store in Sobótka for a Christmas gift straight from the Fairytale Green Gables and the Anne of Green Gables Museum on Prince Edward Island.

slezanski 1 m.jpg

My dear,

in Ślężański shop in Sobótka smelled of Green Gables.

Please check it out when you visit these sites.

Zielone wzgorze sklep m.jpg

My dear,

Do you like three porcelain dolls depicting Anne of Green Gables? They made a long journey from the island of Prince Edward of Anne of Green Gables Museum. "Write, paint" Ania Shirley!

Moi dear,

I have a real pleasure to invite you on a trip "In the footsteps of Ania from Green Gables".

More information can be found at:
See you at the Fairy-tale Green Gables!

Wycieczka 1.jpg
Wycieczka 2.jpg

My dear,

Please look at the portraits of Ania from Fairy Green Gables and Anne Shirley, made by Ania and Grandpa Czarus. Aren't they pretty?

My dear,

The Dwarf Tourist has now completed his long journey to Prince Edward Island and has happily arrived at the Anne of Green Gables Museum. Please look at the photos.

My dear,

The Dwarf Tourist is going on a long journey to Prince Edward Island at the Anne of Green Gables Museum. Please take a look at the nice little boy who is ready to go.

Wrocław, June 11, 2022

My dear,

I am very excited to see a photo from the Anne of Green Gables Museum in Canada, where my novel is in the hands of the lovable host and my publisher, and on a shelf between the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery. I would like to share my joy with you and invite you to read it in English.

Ksiazka w muzeum.jpg
wiosenne kwiaty.jpg

My dear,

it became warm and sunny, which was immediately sensed by Ania's flowers. Please see how they gently bloom.

My dear,

while walking around the fairy-tale green hill, I thought about the green fence that stretches along the road. I smiled, because not only the gables, hills and attics are green ...

That's good, because it is pleasant among the greenery.

zielony plot.jpg

My dear,

I am pleased to invite you to read the description of my book Anne from the Fairytale Land of Green Gables posted on Instagram and Facebook TVP ABC.

tvp abc Ania 1.jpg

My dear,

Ania and I discovered a meadow of snowdrops, also known as snowdrops. Let the little flowers give us hope for spring ...

ksiazki miniatura.jpg

My dear,

over a year ago, Mr. Mieczysław Mączka, my longtime publisher and founder of the Miniatura Publishing House in Krakow, passed away. Please look at how beautifully he has published books, especially poetry. In my case, he made an exception and published fairy tales and the first story - a short story that was the beginning of the story about Anne of the Fairy Green Gables.

My dear,

a broad ribbon of path winds around Fairy Green Gables. At the fork in the road, you need to take the right direction for your walk. For the path leads through forests and meadows,  to the lagoon, where in summer it is swarming with holidaymakers. In the opposite direction, it leads through the village and forest to a wooden church and the Sunday market for preserves and handicrafts. You can see this path in the photos.

My dear,

there is a literary dispute over the greenness of the roof, the attic and the hill as well as the names of the heroes. Fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery's work were shared by the former Ania from Green Gables and today's Anne from Zielone Szczytow ... So I am glad that my Ania can be Anne if necessary, and the hill and the attic room are green.

My dear :)

We greet you very warmly from Fairytale Green Gables :)

Good morning my dear.

Please take a look at Green Gables - on the 110th anniversary of the publication of Anne of Green Gables


My dear,

I am pleased to inform you that TVP ABC is the media patron of Anne from the Fairytale Land of Green Gables. It is extremely important  message, because it is not easy to reach readers without the support of the media.
Therefore, I am sharing with you the good news and I will systematically write about the further course of events.

Pierwsza Ania.jpg

My dear,

More than 110 years have passed since the first Polish edition of Anne of Green Gables in 1911 (although there are two publication dates in the book, 1911 and 1912). The redheaded dreamer has made friends with so many of us. I am glad that the magic power of the balloon from my novel and about Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gables allowed girls from two different eras to get to know each other. For the "kindred spirits" removes the barriers of time and distance ...

Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gables_okladka.jpg
Ilustracje Ani.jpg

My dear,
I would like to share with you a happy news for me. Well, today the first copy of my Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gables in English has been sold. It happened a moment after posting the materials at the link:

I also invite you to buy and read. I believe that English doesn't have to be a barrier.

My dear,

I return with great fondness to the letter from George Campbell, host of the Anne of Green Gables Museum and the Kindred Spirits of PEI. George's long letter friendship and kindness helped me make my literary dream come true. Thank you dear friend.


Good morning sweethearts :)

I invite you to wander around the Fairytale Green Gables :)

Good morning sweethearts :)

I invite you to wander around the Fairytale Green Gables :)


An invitation to read Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gables, i.e. a journey through the Fairytale Green Gables.

My dear,

in the vicinity of the house on the Fairytale Green Gables there is a small wooden house. There is a sign above the threshold with the word Eden. This is where the painter lives with her rather playful and ubiquitous dog. An old lady paints flowers and landscapes.

I brought three of them to Wrocław. Every time I look at them, the memories of carefree summer days on the Fairytale Green Gables come back.

An invitation to read Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gables, i.e. a journey through the Fairytale Green Gables.

  My dear,

in winter, nothing tastes as delicious as delicacies from the pantry in the Fairy-tale Green Gables: plum jam, honey from a nearby apiary or dried apples from an orchard.

When early dusk falls and sorrows peek out of dark recesses, a sip of honey-sweetened tea or a bite of a muffin bun is enough to make you smile and improve your mood. I can assure you.


An invitation to read Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gables, i.e. a journey through the Fairytale Green Gables.


My dear,
Currants on the Fairy-tale Green Gables grow right next to a wooden fence made of wide boards. Every summer, handsome bushes give us generously sour fruit. Despite the fact that Ania and Grandpa regularly pick fruit, there are so many of them that it is enough to prepare bags with winter frozen foods.

When I defrost another portion in January, the taste of summer and the memories of summer days come back to us.
Look how tasty. Lick your fingers!

Hello, my dear :)


Today I have a great pleasure to present you the book Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gables . The book is translated into English and from May 2022 it will be sold on Prince Edward Island, also at the Lucy Mount Montgomery Museum

run by her heir, George Campbell.

Please have a look at the back cover where you will see two Green Gables.

I invite you to read :)

My dear,

I decided to reveal the secret and reveal that my literary dreams will come true. I hope that soon I will be able to show you much more ...

zakladki 1.jpg
zakladki 2.jpg

My dear, like every week, I invite you to Sunday video :)

In a Christmas atmosphere, I invite you to listen to an fragment from an unpublished novel -

How Cornflower Girl visited Anne Shirley on Prince Edward Island

My dear,

Today we visited the Fairy Green Hill. The apples blushed as when I wrote my novel. Please read it. "It was enough for the grandfather to shake the branch a little, and the most ripe fruit immediately fell. They filled the boxes with them, the contents of which were subjected to meticulous inspection by grandmother and great-grandmother. (...) When the unruly apple got stuck in a small depression in the soft grass, the girl bent down. to reach for them and she heard a clear bzz ... bzz ... bzz ... "Well, you must know that that day in the orchard, Ania's first adventure begins. I invite you to read on.

Hear the story of the book, the story of Ania's adventures, bees, flutterbys ...

The idea to write a book appeared when Anne was a little girl and she was already eager to visit Green Gables. She, as well as her grandmother and grandfather, seem to perfectly reflect the heroes of Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel: Anne Shirley, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert.

Anne from thr Fairytale Land of Green Gables is a series of five stories whose heroine is the title Anne, also known as the Cornflower Girl.

The novel takes place in the grandparents' house located in an apple orchard on Green Gables.

Each story relates to a separate girl's adventure. Anne has an extraordinary gift, thanks to which she freely moves from reality to the land of fairy creatures inhabiting the Green Gables. This is how he meets: Flutterby Nela, Trudger Feliks, Gawędę and Forest Chanter. Anne and Flutterby visit the mysterious hut of the fairy tale to listen to the fairy tales he tells.

In the last fifth story entitled Among the Green Gables, Anne travels with an enchanted balloon, during which she moves to Prince Edward Island to the time of Anne Shirley. Then the girls will fly the same time machine to Poland to the Fairytale Green Gables. Anne Shirley will be amazed to discover the modern world and explore the distant Green Gables from the future.

This meeting has a symbolic meaning, because the fifth story shows that the relationship of souls is an amazing experience, going beyond all barriers, including distance and time.

Ann from the Fairytale Land of Green Gables
Chanter from Whispering forest

... When the unruly apple got stuck in a small recess, in a soft turf, the girl bent down to reach for it and again heard a clear bzzz ... bzzz ... bzzz ... She looked around carefully, but she didn't see anyone, although the sound increased.

- Something like that! She whispered in surprise.

She decided to tell her grandfather about the whole incident as soon as possible. He listened to his granddaughter with his usual patience, and then announced:

- I suppose you heard a bee, Ania.

- bee? She repeated in amazement.

Until now she thought that the only bee is Maja, well maybe Gucio. She considered the ones that flew around the blossoming apple trees as insects. Just insects, she thought whenever she saw them. She did not think that in the garden on the Green Hill he would see Maja, Gucia and all their great family, whom grandfather had called a swarm.

"I'll show you the hives after tea," he promised. "Of course, if you like," he said, glancing at his granddaughter.

"Of course I want to," she said quickly.

After a large portion of raspberries with whipped cream and a slightly smaller amount, they set off along a narrow, dirt path that led straight to the host, a beekeeper with an apiary. Bartnik Ignacy looked after nearly fifty hives, arranged in three places to provide diversity to honey. There was one queen in each hive - mother surrounded by a swarm of workers.

"It is thanks to their work that honey is produced," Ani explained while walking between the streets.

The Cornflower Girl has long followed the fate of Mai's bee, and that's why she knew perfectly well that bees are worka, as well as ants.

- I invite you to a tasting - good-natured and kind Ignacy with all his heart wanted to welcome his neighbors.

Soon they sat down at a wide, wooden table, which the beekeeper's wife, as soon as she saw the guests, covered her with a bright cloth tablecloth. Ania looked around the spacious kitchen with curiosity. Hanging, under the kitchen hood, the saucepans and ladle of the girl looking at him looked more like instruments than kitchen utensils.

Soon, a saucer and four honey bowls appeared before each of the guests.

"It's baked bread because of me," the hostess said with undisguised pride, placing a squat basket in the center of the table with fragrant bread with a golden, crunchy crust.

- Try - grandpa broke a piece of his ride and gave it to his granddaughter. "You've never eaten such a haggard," he smiled. ...

Fairy town, wotsit and sparrow
breakfast on thefairytale green gables
Flutterby and Ann in Whispering Forest
Fairy bees, beautiful illustration


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