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My dear,

Slowly, slowly, December is coming, and with it the magic time of wishes and Christmas gifts. Perhaps one of you would like to offer fairy tales to your children. If so, then I invite you to the Virtualo bookstore, where from today you will find a story about a Tree and a Bird. The e-book is in three language versions: Polish, Italian and English, so it is a perfect complement to books for learning languages.
I cordially invite you and wish you fairy-tale emotions.


Today I am reading the fairy tale Poufon's Invention from the collection Fairy tales of golden stars. This is a bilingual Polish-Italian edition of the book. La Volina - lotina :) dreptaks and gnomes experience fascinating adventures in the depths of the forest :) Illustrated by children from Sicily :)

My dear, this is the beginning of the Praline fairy tale - sweet and dreamy :)

Beloved, I invite you to watch the announcement of the next literary event, which will be the creation of a bilingual Polish-Italian book about Felix, dwarf traveler. In the first part, our hero will go to Sicily to see and taste the watermelon.

Texts for download


Anne from the Fairytale

Land of Green Gables

Ania z baśniowego Zielonego Wzgórza dziewczynka ilustracja
Wróżka wysiadająca z karety
Balon latający wśród motyli

The Stone of Power

Kamien wladzy baśń przygodowa

Other books

Baśniowe przygody dreptaków i lotinek

Laura's portrait

W cieniu Laury wciągająca powieść
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