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Miscellaneous 2024

My dears,

the proud peacock eagerly posed for Ania's photos. Please look.

paw 1.jpg
paw 3.jpg
paw 2.jpg

My dears,

squeaks in the grass, rustles in the pond,
that the prince was hiding in a frog.
You have to kiss hard
to break the spell.

Unfortunately, the leaf floated too far...

Zaba na lisciu.jpg

My dears,

a stork here, a stork there... Stork nests attract attention with the beauty of migratory birds.

bociany 2.JPG
bociany 1.JPG

My dears,

a wonderful, fairy-tale house... It takes your breath away.

Domek 4.jpg
Domek 1.jpg
Domek 3.jpg
Domek 2.jpg

My dears,

sunny July days smell of lemonade, ice cream and summer... I wish you such sweet carefreeness.


My dears,

Please look at the sand construction made by an artist I met in Kołobrzeg.

Budowla z piasku 1.jpg
Budowla z piasku 2.jpg

My dears,

Strange things are happening in the upside down house.

My dears,
In the heat of July, I am creating further parts of the story about Tooth, which you will soon learn about.

wakacyjnie o zabku 1.JPG
wakacyjnie o zabku 3.JPG
wakacyjnie o zabku 2.JPG

My dears,

I cordially invite you to read Tooth VII.

zabek 7 (1).jpg

My dears,

a seaside seal with a ball brings back memories of Wrocław's dwarves.

foka z pilka.jpg

My dears,

I cordially invite you to a summer Sunday reading of fairy tales.

wakacyjne czytanie basni.jpg

My dears,

do you remember Papkin's anger at Klara's demands "If you don't want my ruin, give me the crocodile, LUBY" from "Zemsta" by Aleksander Fredro? Well, who would have thought that on our way to the sea we would meet a crocodile...

krokodyl 1.JPG
krokodyl 2.JPG

My dears,

I hope that the sweet holiday time does not pass in a hurry...

wakacyjne zyczenia.jpg

My dears,

I wish you a nice day.

zyrafa 1.jpg
zyrafa 2.jpg

My dears,

the herbarium was on the summer to-do list. Ania received such a list from her teacher. You also need to catch a frog, make cucumber soup, read a book, etc. How nice to be at school...

wakacyjny zielnik.jpg

Good morning sweethearts :)

I cordially invite you to tomorrow's meeting with a fairy tale.
See you tomorrow :)

My dears,
July landscapes smell of summer, meadows and gooseberries...

lipcowe krajobrazy 2.jpg
lipcowe krajobrazy 3.jpg
lipcowe krajobrazy 1.jpg

My dears,

Do you know the name of the pretty wonder that unexpectedly grew and bloomed at Fairytale Green Gables?

ladny cudak 2.jpg
ladny cudak 3.jpg
ladny cudak 1.jpg

My dears,

During the holidays, it's nice to call from a pink telephone booth or blow soap bubbles, isn't it?

Banki mydlane 4.jpg
Banki mydlane 2.jpg
Banki mydlane 3.jpg
Banki mydlane 1.jpg

My dears,

Already on the first day of the holiday, Ania discovered a nice but thorny creature in the grass. Our hedgehog Jerzy is the cutest of all hedgehogs, isn't he?

jezyk 3.jpg
jezyk 1.jpg
jezyk 2.jpg

My dears,

I invite you to read the further history of our tooth.

zabek 6.jpg

My dears,

The school year has come to an end, so I can only wish you wonderful holidays, which I do with great pleasure!

Zakonczenie roku 2.jpg
Zakonczenie roku 1.jpg

My dears,

the pre-holiday time tastes like coffee, lemonade and ice cream.

Lemoniada 1.jpg
Lemoniada 2.jpg

My dears,

It's amazing that as a little girl I went for walks with My Beloved Grandma along the same park alley that I walk today with My Beloved Ania.

My dears,

If you draw or paint, I would like to invite you to the Pałacyk School of Drawing and Painting for extremely interesting workshops, including classes on illustrating children's literature.

Let's meet at the Palace to paint with a brush and words!


My dears,

Yesterday's fairy-tale meeting with children was lovely, and the heart I received was touching.

Podziekowanie serce.jpg

My dears,
take a look around. The world bloomed, smelled, became more beautiful...


My dears,

for tomorrow's workshops with first-graders, Ania and Karolinka have prepared a crossword puzzle for the story Piórko. I have some amazing helpers.


My dears,

This year is special because it marks 60 years since the first Polish edition of the Moomin books, translated by Irena Szuch-Wyszomirska. This is Ania's favorite book. Look at the modeling clay figurines that Ania made.


My dears,

please read about the further fate of Ząbek.

zabek 5.jpg

My dears,
For as long as I can remember, roads winding through fields, meadows and forests have put me in a poetic mood...

Spacer wsrod pol 1.jpg
Spacer wsrod pol 2.jpg

Good morning dears :)


I wish you a wonderful Saturday and I invite you to read fairy tales on Sunday tomorrow.

My dears,

Friday coffee has a special taste, doesn't it? While enjoying this afternoon, I invite you to a Sunday meeting with a fairy tale.

Piatkowa kawa.jpg

My dears,

Please take a look at the extraordinary workshops at the Papermaking Museum. Fifteen minutes was enough to create your own cards.

Muzeum Papiernictwa 2.jpg
Muzeum Papiernictwa 1.jpg

My dears,

please look at the new sculpture of Anne Shirley by Ewa Jangas. The sculptor amazed me again.

Ania figurka.JPG

My dears,

spend a pleasant summer afternoon in the good company of Professor Zbigniew Horbowy and Dr. Wiesław Malka.

Sloneczne popoludnie.jpg

Good morning dears :)

On the occasion of today's celebration, Children's Day, I wish you your dreams come true and wonderful holidays that will begin any day now. All Fridays at school, lots of summer adventures and, of course, that we meet every Sunday for Sunday reading of fairy tales. And once again a thousand, million reasons to smile and be happy :)

My dears,

on Fairy Tale Green Gables, fruity, floral, springy and very beautiful.

Owocowo 3.JPG
Owocowo 1.JPG
Owocowo 2.JPG

My dears,

lemon can be sweet too...

cytryna 3.jpg
cytryna 1.jpg
cytryna 2.jpg

My dears,

I have great fondness for the pianist's monument in Park Południowy. Chopin staring at the pond. Spiritual, talented, beautiful...


My dears,

look at the photos of the adorable squirrel that Ania took yesterday while walking in the park.

wiewiorka 1.jpg
wiewiorka 4.jpg
wiewiorka 3.jpg
wiewiorka 2.jpg

My dears,

Mother's Day is fast approaching. Ania has already given me laurels today. Aren't these the most beautiful moments?
So I also wish all mothers a beautiful Sunday.

laurki 1.jpg

My dears,

I invite you to another meeting with our tooth.

zabek 4.jpg

My dears,

Doesn't such a peony blooming on the slope right next to the fence inspire artistic souls? Certainly yes...

peonie 02.jpg
peonie 01.jpg

Good morning dears :)

I cordially invite you to read fairy tales on Sunday. See you tomorrow.

My dears,

how nice it would be to find a rustling paper letter to yourself in such a charming mailbox. The old world had a lot of charm...

skrzynka pocztowa.JPG

My dears,

Today I will allow myself a nice memory. Here are my books illustrated for children. It was a great pleasure for me to work on each one.


My dears,

Please read what's going on with our little tooth.

zabek 3.jpg

My dears,

Tuscan cats can be as unusual as fairy-tale ones. This one I would call Melchior.

img_20240512_154837 b.jpg
img_20240512_154702 b.jpg

My dears,
I would like to introduce you to Melchior, who joined my collection of crystal balls a few days ago. He's the most well-read cat I know.

Kot szklana kula 1.jpg
Kot szklana kula 2.jpg

My dears,

what can I say, it's simply beautiful among the roses. Wonderful and fragrant, armed with thorny stems that protect the queens of flowers.

Kwitnace roze 4.jpg
Kwitnace roze 1.jpg
Kwitnace roze 2.jpg
Kwitnace roze 3.jpg

My dears,

the cactus doesn't stop blooming. New buds are still appearing. When covered with flowers, it loses its spikyness and does not seem dangerous...

kaktus kwiaty.jpg

My dears,

Wrocław's streets are full of charm, aren't they?

wraclawskie uliczki.jpg

My dears,

I invite you to read the second part of the poem about Ząbek. Or maybe you know a dental office that would be willing to share such a story?

zabek 2.jpg

Dear Authors,

I invite you to send your publishing proposals for literary correction! A well-edited text has a greater chance of being published.


My dears,
The beginning of May spoiled us with good weather. It smelled like summer...

Wiosenny dzien 1.jpg
Wiosenny dzien 2.jpg

My dears,

Today is International Harry Potter Day. Therefore, it is not difficult to choose reading for the evening.

Dzien HP 2.jpg
Dzien HP 1.jpg
Dzien HP 3.jpg

My dears,

I wish you as lovely moments in the coming days as the one in Aga Kumuda's illustration for my fairy tale "The Lost Shadow of Feliks' the trudger".

basnie srebrzystego ksiezyca-30.jpg

My dears,

Isn't it beautiful that the world around us is finally blooming and fragrant?

Wiosenne kwiaty.jpg

My dears,
the cactus becomes more beautiful day by day.

Please look.

kaktus 7.jpg
kaktus 6.jpg

My dears,

Coffee on Friday afternoon tastes much better than on Monday morning, doesn't it?


My dears,
I invite you to read the beginning of the story about the tooth, which I hope to develop. The illustration was made by Ania.

zabek 1b.jpg

My dears,

Please look at Ania's beautiful house. This is, of course, a house for insects. Ania is a great fan of detective Łodyga and cares deeply about nature.

Domek owadow.jpg

My dears,

the cactus is slowly blooming and will soon be covered with flowers. Isn't he adorable?

kaktusy 03.jpg
kaktusy 04.jpg
kaktusy 02.jpg
kaktusy 01.jpg

My dears,

Apparently, the symbol of May in Paris are lilies of the valley. Although they are not that important in Wrocław, they smell just as beautiful and remain just as charming as those in Paris.

konwalie 2.jpg
konwalie 1.jpg

My dears,

Daisies are such nice flowers that it's hard not to smile at them.

I wish you many reasons to smile today.

stokrotki 4.jpg
stokrotki 5.jpg

My dears,

Isn't it beautiful when the leaves are so young?

zielone listki 1.jpg
zielone listki 3.jpg
zielone listki 2.jpg

My dears,

Spring is in full swing at Fairy Tale Green Gables. Bees buzz in the blooming apple trees and birds chirp.

Kwitnace jablonie 1.JPG
Kwitnace jablonie 3.JPG
Kwitnace jablonie 2.JPG
Kwitnace jablonie 4.JPG
Kwitnace jablonie 5.JPG

My dears,

the Golden Carpets bloomed again. Delightful, vast, fragrant... One would like to dive into the sea of golden flowers.

Zlociste dywany.jpg

My dears,

spring should not be missed. And even though it's only April, I remember Agnieszka Osiecka's song.
"It was May, the Saska Kępa smelled,
like crazy green lilac..."

bzy 2.jpg
bzy 1.jpg

My dears,

I wish you spring in your hearts on this cold April day...

magnolie 2.jpg
magnolie 1.jpg

My dears,

my reliable cactus is full of buds this spring and will bloom soon.

kaktus paczki 1.jpg
kaktus paczki 3.jpg
kaktus paczki 2.jpg

Good morning dears :)

I wish you a wonderful spring weekend and see you at the Sunday fairy tale reading.

My dears,

it's nice to look at the collection of forest elf paintings. The pictures show lotinki from my fairy tales and Mrs. Zosia, the heroine of the fairy tale about the silver spoon...

Aga ilustracja.jpg

My dears,

a frog lived in the pond. Perhaps it is an enchanted prince. Who knows? Only a kiss can explain the mystery.

zaba 2.jpg
zaba 1.jpg

Good morning dears :)

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, I wish you many joyful, peaceful moments, beautiful weather, a very generous bunny, colorful Easter eggs and a wonderful spring outside :)
And we meet next Sunday, after the holidays, for Sunday fairy tale reading.

My dears,

May Ania's Easter creation bring a spring smile to everyone who looks at it.

kartka wielkanocna.jpg

My dears,

despite the cold, spring begins at Fairy Tale Green Gables.

kolory wiosny 3.JPG
kolory wiosny 1.JPG
kolory wiosny 2.JPG

My dears,

spring inspires artists, poets and favors declarations of love, doesn't it? So I wish you beautiful and lasting love...

milosne klodki 1.jpg
milosne klodki 3.jpg
milosne klodki 2.jpg

My dears,

I always wanted to work in publishing. That's probably why I find so much pleasure in literary proofreading. Seemingly tedious work consumes me a lot...


My dears,
Have you ever drowned Marzanna? The one in the photo stands and looks at the passing winter and welcomes spring.


My dears,

According to Ania, daisies are the nicest flowers. They are indeed very nice.

stokrotki 02.jpg
stokrotki 01.jpg
stokrotki 03.jpg

My dears,

May you not miss the beauty of spring in the rush of everyday life...

Piekno wiosny 1.jpg
Piekno wiosny 3.jpg
Piekno wiosny 2.jpg

My dears,

On Saturday, two wonderfully luminous rainbows appeared over Fairytale Green Gables. Please look how extraordinary it is. They say that somewhere on their inscrutable end, an elf is guarding a pot of gold.

tecza 3.jpg
tecza 1.jpg
tecza 2.jpg

My dears,

Do you recognize the girl from Ania's illustration? You will soon learn the purpose of the drawing...

rysunek Ani.jpg

My dears,

It's nice when sweet, chocolate roses remain after meeting a nice person. I wish you such meetings this spring.

slodkie roze 1.jpg
slodkie roze 2.jpg

My dears,

It's a rainy Tuesday today... That's why I'm sending you a rainy illustration by Aga Kumuda from my fairy tale "The Enchanted Cab". The fairy-tale rain was the announcement of an extraordinary adventure. I wish you such rain.


My dears,

I wish spring around you. Let the world bloom and become more beautiful...

kwitnaca wiosna.jpg
kwitnaca wiosna 2.jpg

My dears,

spring left its first traces on Fairytale Green Gables.

slady wiosny.jpg

My dears,

the ubiquitous flower stalls made me feel poetic, so I invite you to read the poem.

Weronika Madryas
"March Eight"

Tulips and primroses
they are for mother, grandmother, daughter.
For fifth grade girls,
Kasia, Zuzia and Basia.
And for the nature lady,
who will give them water soon.
March eight is full of flowers,
take the bouquet in your hands!


My dears,

in the fairy-tale city of Wrocław, dwarves invite you for tea. It's very nice...

skrzat herbatka.jpg

My dears,

I am sending you spring wonders for a good start to the week.

wiosenne kolory 3.jpg
wiosenne kolory 1.jpg
wiosenne kolory 2.jpg

My dears,

it became warm and sunny. It is worth taking a walk and looking for the first traces of spring.

kolory wiosny 4.jpg
kolory wiosny 1.jpg
kolory wiosny 2.jpg
kolory wiosny 3.jpg

My dears,
I'm currently working on poems for the primer. Among the deletions, brackets and question marks, short rhymes are born... and it's already Friday. I wish you a good weekend and invite you to a Sunday meeting with a fairy tale.

wiersze abecadlo.jpg

My dears,

coffee makes a day that starts with a foggy morning and waking up too early more vivid, doesn't it?

poranna kawa.jpg

My dears,
Doesn't this sun-drenched, mossy stone remind you of fairy tales? A forest elf will probably take a nap somewhere there, on a pillow of moss. There is no need to disturb him. It's better to tiptoe around the wonderful forest boulder.

omszaly glaz 1.jpg
omszaly glaz 2.jpg

My dears,

Please look at the snowdrops that bloomed on Fairytale Green Gables.

przebisniegi 2.jpg
przebisniegi 1.jpg

My dears,

today the air smelled of spring and umbrellas were not needed. I wish you long walks and beautiful views, like those photographed by Ania.

sloneczny dzien 1.jpg
sloneczny dzien 2.jpg

My dears,

my cacti, which I look at as I write, grow like mushrooms after the rain. The little ones are barely a memory...

kaktusy 01.jpg
kaktusy 02.jpg

My dears,

the bushes bloomed in February. Golden flowers, like suns, brighten cloudy and rainy days.

zolte kwiatki.jpg

My dears,

I thought that since there was an o, it couldn't be missing u, so today it's still a bit misspelled.


My dears,

memorable rhymes are the best solution for spelling problems. So I invite you to read my poem "Ówka".


My dears,

Please look, aren't vegetables inspiring? I find something poetic and painterly in the photo taken by Ania. Perhaps I will come back to this photo to put it into words...


My dears,

take a closer look around. Nature announces the arrival of spring...

krokusy 3.jpg
krokusy 2.jpg
krokusy 1.jpg

My dears,

On a wonderfully bright day, I am sending you a smile and a photo of Ania's home garden.

wiosenny ogrodek.jpg

My dears,

daisies are Ania's favorite flowers. Please look how nice they are, as if they were smiling.

margeryrtki 2.jpg

My dears,

I wish you something sweet, something tender and a lot of sun that shines so beautifully in Wrocław today...


My dears,

Ania had been looking for Sleepyhead among the dwarves in Wrocław for so long that suddenly, last Saturday, she spotted a little boy taking a nap.

krasnal spioch 2.jpg
krasnal spioch 1.jpg

My dears,

I wish you a wonderful Saturday and I invite you to a Sunday meeting with a fairy tale.

zaproszenie na niedziele.jpg

My dears,

Please look at the most well-read cats in Wrocław.

Kocia ksiegarnia.jpg

My dears,

May your sleep and winter time be sweetened by tasty coffee, perfect for today's doughnut!
The illustration was made by Aga Kumuda.

srebrna lyzeczka.jpg

My dears,

I was moved when I received a letter from Mrs. Marta Iskierka, an employee of the Miniatura Publishing House from Krakow. Well, two years ago, Mr. Mieczysław Mączka, the founder of Miniatura and the Gray-Bearded Poets Association, died. Since then, the books have been deteriorating in unheated rooms. I had the pleasure of publishing poetry and prose for children in Miniatura. The books are beautiful - hand-sewn, bound in cloth or leather, with carefully selected graphics.

Let me quote a letter from Mrs. Marta:

"Good morning Mrs. Weronika, well, nothing has changed for now, I have the costs of maintaining the premises and accounting, I could rent it, but it hasn't been renovated for a long time, I don't have the strength or funds for it, I still hope that it will be built somewhere a memorial room where I will be able to give all my souvenirs, Mieczysław devoted his entire life to poets, he was born in Wrocław and maintained a connection with this place, many of the authors of Miniatura are from Wrocław, he participated in fairs, he was associated with Warsaw as the head of the Staromiejski House of Culture, with Nowy Sącz, he founded a publishing house there, cooperated with the Lemkos and the Podhalan Association, initiated their publishing activities, but he died and is no longer needed by anyone. He was counting on the fact that there would be a group of poets who would continue the existence of Miniatura, which is why he founded the Association of Graybeard Poets, but times are what they are, everything has become more expensive, operating costs have increased and no one wants to do so. Your books are the same ones we talked about before, I have heart problems and I can neither lift nor stand in a queue at the post office, visits to Miniatura and even making a parcel are painful for me, because Mieczysław claimed that I couldn't do it I can. Maybe they'll send you on a delegation to Krakow again someday, and we'll make an appointment about books. Regards, all the best, Marta”

It would be wonderful if this noble book collection found its home. Will you help?

Miniatura Ania.JPG

My dears,
and Christmas roses are still blooming in Ania's grandparents' garden. Please look how beautiful they are.

My dears,

I wish you peaceful winter evenings, like the one in the illustration made by Aga Kumuda. The fairy tale "The Footrest" will be published soon, in which you will find a cozy interior, a grandfather and a listening granddaughter.


My dears,
dreaming can be disturbing or blissful. We don't remember many dreams, but there are some that remain in our memory for a long time. Interpretations taken from dream books do not convince scientists. Despite this, scientists also try to give meaning to dreams. The idea of social dreaming involves discussing dreams together and discovering the messages hidden in them. There is an extraordinary familiarity and bond between the participants of the social dreaming matrix that accompanies the secrets shared. Because dreams are very personal. I experienced this closeness in the EUNAMES European Society for Narrative Medicine and Health Humanities group led by Maria Giulia Marini. Alice from Wonderland dreamed, the fairies from my fairy tales dream... Some people dream like Peter Pan, who never woke up. And although my great-grandmother used to say "dream mara, God has faith", social dreaming sessions allowed me to look deeper into myself. All I can do is wish you peaceful dreams, reflect on them while keeping your distance...

Spiacy elf.jpg

My dears,

On this cloudy, winter day, I send you a smile and wish you reasons to smile.

Zyczenia usmiechu.jpg

My dears,

I finished writing the fairy tale Footrest, for which Ania prepared an illustration for the cover. This is an extraordinary story largely inspired by real events. Soon you will be able to read and maybe even listen.


My dears,
Another year has passed since the death of Mr. Mieczysław Mączka, the founder of Miniatura Publishing House. Miniature books, mainly poetry, were beautifully published, hand-sewn, bound in cloth or leather, with a well-thought-out graphic design. Today they lie in a closed publishing house and wait for better times for literature. What if we created the Institute of Miniature Remembrance and deposited there this extraordinary intellectual legacy of the deceased founder of the Gray-Bearded Poets Association? Isn't this a noble idea, suggested to me by Mr. Mączka's friend?

Ksiazki Miniatury.JPG

My dears,

long walks have become our winter tradition. It's sad to go back to school reality...

Zimowy spacer 3.JPG
Zimowy spacer 1.JPG
Zimowy spacer 4.JPG
Zimowy spacer 2.JPG

My dears,
If you would like to travel back in time for a moment, it is worth visiting the Toy Museum. There, among dolls, teddy bears and soldiers, you will discover the charms of childhood from the past.

My dears,

a mysterious gate and winding stairs lead to a mysterious alley. You'd like to take a look and see what's hidden there.

Tajemniczy zaulek m.jpg

My dears,
and there is peace and quiet around...

Zasniezone drzewa.jpg

My dears,

On such a cloudy day, I'm sending you a pinch of Illusion for a good mood.

muzeum iluzji 3.jpg
muzeum iluzji 4.jpg

My dears,
Extraordinary things accompany not only fairy tales. Please look at the photos from the Museum of Illusions.

Muzeum iluzji 2.jpg
Muzeum iluzji 1.jpg

My dears,

The cold wind did not stop us from walking along the dwarven trail through the streets of Wrocław and climbing nearly three hundred steps to the Bridge of Penitents in the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene.

Wroclaw zwiedzanie 3m.jpg
Wroclaw zwiedzanie 2m.jpg
Wroclaw zwiedzanie 1m.jpg

Good morning dears :)

Winter holidays start today in Wrocław. And on this occasion, I wish you a wonderful holiday, lots of sun, snow, snowman building, sledding, skiing and skating. And tomorrow, as every week, I invite you to read fairy tales on Sunday.

My dears,

I cordially invite you to a Sunday meeting with a fairy tale, during which you will listen to the continuation of the story about the nice Dr. Groundhog.

przemiana_swistaka_1b m.jpg

My dears,

it's nice to stop in a charming place for coffee, especially after extremely inspiring and interesting literary translation workshops.

Urocze miejsce na kawe m.jpg

Good morning dears,

On today's Epiphany, I will show you my collection of nativity scenes in glass balls. Although there are no kings in any of them, they are still beautifully made and worth attention.

My dears,

on Prince Edward Island, the memory of Lucy Maud Montgomery lives on. The red-haired dreamer won the hearts of girls (and probably not only girls) of many generations and nationalities. Therefore, next Monday, the second part of the meeting devoted to novel translations will be held at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Wrocław, this time focusing on English, Japanese and Italian translations.

Scroll banner 2023.jpg
Scroll collage2.jpg

My dears,

I wish you health, lots of reasons to smile, good spirits and bright, fairy-tale days in the New Year.

nowy rok 2.jpg

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