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My dear,

I am devoting this day to women's issues. Please take a look at a special book dedicated to a prematurely deceased doctor, born on March 7, 1979.  Most of the texts and works collected in it make you reflect on the fragility of life, including my fairy tale Tree and Bird (LL'albero e l'uccellino). But doesn't reading make us more sensitive? And this sweetness of the heart I wish you today, the day after Francesca's birthday.

Novel Portrait of Laura Weronika Madryas

About the author

Ritratto di Laura Weronika Madryas


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Laura's portrait


"Portrait of Laura", "In Laura's Shadow"


My dear,

"Portrait of Laura" and "In the Shadow of Laura" are novels other than the ones I wrote. Stories, addressed to adult dreamers, deal with different faces of love and ways of experiencing it. The characters drift quite freely in space-time.

I wanted to entangle the descriptions of love with painting descriptions so as to create a literary image reminiscent of these subtle yet colorful landscapes sold in small galleries, stitched in shady alleys and in narrow streets somewhere in southern Europe. For whenever I stop in front of such a luminous canvas, stopping the seemingly trivial moment, like a girl in a straw hat reading a book, riding a bicycle or choosing fruit on a stall, nostalgia arises in me for the elusive, transient beauty of life. I wanted to start such a yearning with my story.

Well, "Portrait of Laura" deals with a feeling arising between a young painter and a life-experienced scientist. A study of sensitivity and suffering born of memories, longing and barriers. Barriers to overcome. The novel is also an attempt at polemics with the common belief that there is a lack of love in relationships burdened with a large age difference and with the superficiality of social judgments and judgments. Whereas "In the Shadow of Laura" is a development of the fate of the heroes of "Portrait of Laura". The story of Laura's passionate title love and the choice that left its mark on the lives of several people. A secret discovered years later shows how the fate of portrait Laura exaggerated the happiness of those who accidentally got caught up in her story.

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