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My dear,  

I fondly remember my literary, Italian adventure and people connected with my books: Beata Kowalczyk, Danuta Wojtaszczyk, Basia Bujalska and many others. And that is why I was happy to hear about further cooperation and the publication of another book on  Feliks, a Polish leprechaun, a watermelon and an adventurous trip to Sicily.  

It is thanks to Beata Kowalczyk, who is the head of the Common Europe Association, that there is hope for another fairy-tale meeting.

I invite you to read the articles about the past expedition.

Hello, my dear :)


Today I have a great pleasure to present you the book Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gables . The book is translated into English and from May 2022 it will be sold on Prince Edward Island, also at the Lucy Mount Montgomery Museum

run by her heir, George Campbell.

Please have a look at the back cover where you will see two Green Gables.

I invite you to read :)


Meetings with the Polish diaspora

Rome, January 2015


In winter 2015, Fairy Tales of the Silver Moon appear, my first Italian-Polish publication. The book is the fruit of an extremely creative meeting with journalist Danuta Wojtaszczyk, living in Rome for many years, editor of the magazine Nasz świat and an introduction to our friendship.


The next Italian-Polish publication will be Fairy Tales of Golden Stars, to which meetings and workshops in the years 2018-2019 will be devoted.


Milan, November 2017

Bookcity Milano


I found the invitation to Bookcity Milano a great distinction, because my fairy tale Tree and Bird was chosen by the organizers and presented as a spectacle. At that time, I wasn't learning Italian yet, but that didn't bother me at all. Ania, then tiny, was sitting on an oval cushion in the first row and also seemed to be absorbed in the spectacle.

And then we wandered around the autumn, sunny city, the overwhelming majesty of magnificent architecture, bursting with life and fragrant pizza.

Sicily, June 2018

Literary meeting in Palermo


I arrived to Palermo at night in the company of my daughter Ania and my parents. The house we stayed in was located on a hill, from where there was a stunning view of the city, bathed in sunlight during the day, and at night in the light of streetlights.

During the meeting, children, both Polish and Italian, sang the Fantasy together. From that afternoon I remembered the feeling of solemnity and great emotion. Yes, these were unforgettable moments.


Sicily, Salerno, Lago Patria, May 2019

Literary workshops supporting the bilingualism of Polish diaspora children


Less than a year later I come to Sicily again. This time I travel with Ania and my husband, Mariusz. Palermo greets us with a pristine blue sky, an intense aroma of coffee and the sweetness of wild strawberries that Ania sniffs whenever an opportunity arises. Every morning we pass a lively market in the city center.

Children from an Italian school devise a Sicilian menu of the house elf with commitment. There is a lot of fun, laughter and creative effort.

At the Polish community school, there is a surprise for us, a hand-made dwarf house and its inhabitant. Tiny furniture and a well-stocked pantry arouse my admiration.

After a few days, we move to the picturesque Amalfi Coast, whose beauty is even breathtaking. There, too, children are waiting who have eagerly prepared illustrations for the fairy tales.

Whereas the last stop is at Lago Patria, where a student from an Italian school was moved by a puppet theater depicting the tale of Siesta Eugene. At the Polish community school, we come to the Mother's Day celebration. Shortly after the workshops we join a joyful feast.

Naples says goodbye to us with a warm, heavy rain, as if to wash away the sadness of saying goodbye to fairytale time in Italy.


Canada, Prince Edward Island

Anne of Green Gables Museum


As a girl, I read Lucy Maud Montgomery's novels and was a loyal admirer of Ania Shirley. I was impressed by her strength, persistence in pursuing goals, as well as sensitivity and imagination.

I learned from Ania that even the most unreal dream can come true. And that's how it happened! For several years I have corresponded with George Campbell, heir to Lucy Maud Montgomery, and my first book about Anne of the Fairy Tale Land of Green Gables has been translated into English and is sold in a museum.

I still dream about a trip to Prince Edward Island ...

A letter from George Campbell
George Campbell Anne of Green Gables Museum
Anne of Green Gables Museum
Anne from Fairytale Land of Green Gables book in museum
Ania z Baśniowego Zielonego Wzgórza książka


Anne from

the Fairytale Land

of Green Gables

Wydarzenia literackie spotkania aktualności
Ania - książka dla dziewcząt

Meeting with the author

I remember my first literary evening very accurately, just like the tangle of feelings that torn my soul. I was filled with joy to meet the Readers, and at the same time I felt insecurity, curiosity and intimidation. And as it happens in such times, everything happened spontaneously, in an extremely friendly atmosphere. The beautiful interior of the university hall added dignity and the presence of my relatives, parents, grandmother and husband added courage. That day I signed my first fairy tale collection, as well as the adult novel "Portrait of Laura" and "In the Shadow of Laura".


Presentazione del libro

"Welcome to my Fairy Tale"

A unique glass ball with hummingbirds and flowers


Countryside where the author of the fairy tale lives
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