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Fairy tale writer's tips

Artist's inspiration.

They can be anywhere. Look inside the ambers. Hear the voice of the sea enchanted in the shell. What seaside story can be hidden in the landscapes you will be looking at?

The nineteenth advice :) Everywhere you will meet people with hearts similar

to yours :)


Today I read Plums in Love :) The world can be interesting and amazing, and all creatures are divided into winged and rooted :)

The eighteenth advice :) Think about the changes of the seasons :)


Today I am reading the poem Mr. Year. Listen to poetry for children and adults :)

The seventeenth advice :) Observe the beauty of the world around :)


Today I am reading an excerpt from the fairy tale The Stone of The Power. Description of the Fleurettes living inside flowers will make everyone happy :)

Sixteenth advice :) It's good to try something different sometimes :)


Here is a fairy tale Exchange - about how a forest and city gnome changed apartments and what came out of it :)

Fifteenth advice :) Think if you can do something good for others :)


Kindness is not always accompanied by applause and confusion,

but often by silence and apparent ordinariness.

Children make a book

Przycisk Dzieci robia ksiazke.jpg

The fourteenth advice :) Look for friendship and love this holiday time :)


Wotsit Wilfon and flutterby Nella start looking for a wife for a snail :)

The thirteenth tip :) Make up your own fairy tale, amazing stories :)


Wizard of Nenu, deer and girl set off to a fairy-tale world :)

Twelfth advice :) Remember and plan your summer adventures :)


Freckled feather - a great journey and adventure :)

Eleventh advice :) Listen carefully :)


Tree and bird - an unusual tale of love.

Tenth advice :) talk to a friend :)


Friends find themselves in the least expected circumstances ... I read a fragment of a fairy tale about a droplet today - both its children and adults will understand its message :)

Ninth advice :) look for artistic inspiration :)


Escaping balloon, seashell on the sand, bright moonlight ...

can inspire to write a fairy tale :)

Eighth advice :) develop passion, accumulate memories :)


How is a book made? Plans, dreams and work - in today's movie :)

Seventh advice :) Write or draw a story of your favorite toy :)


I invite you to watch the movie :) I read a fairy tale about a puppeteer.

Sixth advice :) Create your own library!


Little Man Library, doesn't it sound cute?

Fifth advice :) Watch the birds :)


Beautifully colored, beautifully singing - watch the birds :) In nature and fairy tales :)

Fourth advice :) Don't be afraid to dream :)


Does the trudger live in this mink? Is the flutters? Make up your fairy tale hero.

Third advice :) Friends will always find each other :)

Do you know whose shoes they are? Make up your own fairy tale :)

A second piece of advice :) Look at nature :)


On the walk you will always see something beautiful - draw it :)

First advice :) Read every day :)


Book of kids - wonderful, therapeutic fairy tales.

"Welcome to my Fairy Tale"

Szlana kula z kolibrem i kwiatami


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