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The Stone of Power

My dear,

Yesterday I finished the fourth volume of the Stone of Power titled Wolf King. Keep your fingers crossed for the publication of the novel!

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Good morning sweethearts :)


Fall has come and the time of writing has come back. This is how I started today with the fourth volume of the The Stone of the Power, the Wolf King. Soon, in two or three months, the novel should be finished.
Have a nice day for you :)

My dear,

it is rainy and autumn outside the window. The rain flowing down the windows and the drops playing on the windowsill are conducive to creativity. So I sit and write the rest of the Power Stone, i.e. the story of the Wolf King.

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Today I will reveal the secret and read an excerpt

the fourth volume of The Stone of the Power - Wolf King.

My dear,

Long autumn evenings are good for writing. Isn't it pleasant to escape to the realm of imagination, when the window is cold and dark? Well, that's what I did, and I'm currently working on the fourth volume of The Stone of Power, entitled The Wolf King. You will see my notes in the photo.

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Listen to fragments of the fairy tale :)

Listen to fragments of the fairy tale :)

It all began with a tree and its inhabitants. Yes, this tree inspired me to write many forest stories, and its unusual inhabitants, that is, Flutterbys, Forest wotsits and Trudgers, have become very close to me. Other dog tags joined them: cute Fleurettes, Urban wotsits, Chanters and wizards.

You can read about them in my fairy tales and The Stone of Power trilogy. Actually, I will tell you that I am currently writing the next volume of this story, entitled The Wolf King, so soon it will not be a trilogy but a novel in four volumes.

Is there a The Stone of Power? Well, the title stone has magical power, which makes it the object of desire of the devious and cruel wizard Rufon, who is favored and helped by the ruthless Ice Queen. They both live in the dark and inaccessible part of the land where this story takes place.


The fight for the stone begins with the abduction of Flutterby Lili by Rufon's army and throwing the slave into the dungeons of the grim castle.

Four Flutterby friends: Kitka Squirrel, Bibon Trudger, Ernest forest wotsit and Filon urban wotsit decide to free her. They go for help and advice to the Forest Chanter who lives, custom of the fairies, together with her tomcat Melchior in a charming hut with a rose garden, located on the edge of the forest.

The fairy summons her carriage with four winged steeds and takes the children to the Blue Hill to meet the Golden Sorceress, the legitimate owner and guardian of the Stone of Power. The stone is hidden in a high tower and guarded day and night by four beetles, Granatniki.

During a visit to the palace, the sorceresses find out that the only way to free Lili and save the world from war is to get the Blue Needle that has risen to the very top of the Needle Tree. The tree grows at the end of the road, meandering along the gap that separates the dark part of the world from the bright and sunny.

The little ones embark on an adventurous quest for a needle, during which they meet the insidious Lizard, as well as the brave Eagle Lord and his brave knights.

Among the positive heroes are also the Weaver Spider and his subordinates, and the Mist Ladies. They all join forces to defeat evil together, which eventually succeeds.

On the other hand, Tales of Ernest wotsit is a collection of stories that wotsit told his companions during evening feasts around the campfire as they headed for the Blue Needle.

The Stone of Power ends with an amazing rain of bulging bubbles. In their interiors appear scenes from the future, predicting unusual events.

Shortly after the peculiar downpour of Orla, the Lord finds a mysterious bundle under the Needle Tree, which he brings to the Forest Chanter's cottage. Only she, with the help of spells, a wand and a glass ball, can look into the future and learn about the fate of the inhabitants of the forest. The discovery of the Avian King begins another story in which people will also become heroes.

Family tree wotsits, trudgers and flutterbys
Chanter and Melchior Cat

And so, under the tender care of the Forest Chanter, a young woman Sanesa is growing up. Raised among fairies, in particular, associated with the Fleurette Anne, does not long for the world of people. Only meeting with the mysterious knight destroys the peace of her girlish heart and crosses all intentions. Engaged with the dog tag, Prince Rufon II, he makes a difficult choice that weighs on the further course of events in two separate worlds: Old Town and Forest Land.

At the same time, once again, the magic power of the Stone of Power tempts the wicked. The brave and noble also need the support and power of the title stone. And again the eternal battle of good against evil takes place, the clash of light and darkness.

The second part of the novel is also a reflection on the passing of old age and the advantage of spiritual beauty over the charm of beauty. And all this happens in the mysterious and amazing aura that Chanters, Enchatress, Sorcerers, Warriors, Flutterbys, Trudgers and Wotsits have.

Heroic knights are fighting a dragon
Italian sun tavern in the square
Decorative Italian gutter dragon

The Stone of Power, volume IV - Wolf King


Wroclaw, March 28


March Hare and good dragons


In the second half of March a series of cold nights and cold days came. And although the calendar spring has already begun, today from the early morning I was observing tiny flakes of meager snow through the kitchen window. They slowly fell onto the weary winter lawn and melted too weak to survive. Even the crocuses seemed cold, for they flaked petals. This malicious caprice of weather also painfully affected the pale pink plum blossoms.
I sighed and returned to the interrupted description of the dragon's pit. I am currently working on the fourth part of my novel The Stone of Power, entitled The Wolf King. I've been thinking about the dragon for several days. I imagine him and I circle him on his toes. I remember good dragons that the Chinese believe in and the Venetian lantern which is also a sculpture of a dragon with umbrellas. And again I am returning to my lazy but honest dragon, who is to help save the Forest Land from destruction.

In the intervals between the first and second paragraphs, I sip tea and miss a nice conversation, even a chat with Marc Zając from the magic tale of Alice in Wonderland ...

Drago decorativo grondaia italiana

"Welcome to my Fairy Tale"

Witajcie w mojej bajce


Workshop letterari che promuovono l'edizione bilingue del libro


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