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A charming, modeling clay portrait of Mum :)

Portret mamy.JPG

Spring fairies of the Cornflower Girl, or Anne of the Fairy Green Gables.

My dear,

And it was wintertime again. The apparently snowy landscape inspired Ania because she grabbed the block and the crayons and didn't think to stop drawing.

laurka dla dziadkow.jpg

My dear,

I invite you to see the cards that Ania has prepared for Grandma and Grandpa and which is already decorating the wall in the Grandparents' living room. The illustration shows the autumn harvest of apples in an orchard on Fairytale Green Hill.

My dear,

Each of us perceives the world differently, in our own way. Yesterday I had the opportunity to see how Ania sees me.

Take a look for yourself.

Aren't the portraits painted by children real and touching?

obrazek mama.jpg

"A beetle came to the ladybug,
Knock-knock-knock in the window.

The young lady sees a beetle:
"What are you looking for here with me?"

The Beetle Jan Brzechwa's in a beautiful interpretation by Ania :)

My dear,
Today I invite you to read the poem Cornflower Girl, dedicated to my little daughter who is celebrating her birthday today :)


Veronica Madryas
Wrocław, on 28.VII 2015


The Cornflower Girl


In the eyes of that little one,
The Cornflower Girl called,
the sky froze
blue, cloudless, child's blue ...

… What if so?

What if
My Guardian Angel
one wing he gave back,
to protect eyesight
blue eyes.
And watch over dreams,
what dreams of the Cornflower Girl,
when the eyelids are heavy
they hide the innocent blue,
and long lashes
shadow on blushing cheeks ...

Ania's Christmas book :)

We are starting work on a booklet full of Christmas trees, stars, adventures and beautiful pictures :)

My dear,
For several days, a story about hedgehogs has been circulating in my head. When I told Ania about it, she immediately reached for crayons. Childlike enthusiasm brought inspiration to me and I feel that I will write something soon.

Meanwhile, briefly:


Under a warm tuft of leaves, a hedgehog will dream a fairy tale,
which he will be the protagonist and experience a strange story.

My dear,

This spring, the world was bathed in heavy rains, downpours and relentless cabbage soups. And we, like wet cocks, wade through rainy everyday life, repeating in our minds that the most important is serenity. So look at Ania's happy cocks and smile sunny.

My dear,

I present to you Ania's rag dolls. Don't you think these are the nicest? In the near future I'll read you about a nice puppeteer.


Tuning Mouse

Although it is already June in the calendar, it is rainy and cold outside the window. Of course, Ani doesn't discourage. How much fun is, after all, jumping over puddles or moving snails from the road to the lawn. And also this beautiful smell of greenery bathed in heavy rain ...
However, heavy rain even keeps us at home. We read, paint, play the piano, and recently we dress up the Mouse Dress Up. Look at how elegant she is.

My love
This morning Ania drew frisky rainbow fairies. They are not flowers because they have wings.

That's why I think they are mischievous, fairy pranksters.
Look at the drawings, please. I have a puzzle for you. Has anyone else appeared in the illustration? Have a good day my love.

My Dear Readers,


Look, please, how Cornflower Girl, or Anne from the Fairytale Green Gables herself, sees the landscapes and characters from her mother's novel. Pictures will be coming!

I invite you to Anne's Gallery

"Welcome to my Fairy Tale"

Szlana kula z kolibrem i kwiatami


Fairytale writer's tips

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Pamiętniki autorki baśnioterapia


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