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Few words about me

Organizations, associations or societies ... Once upon a time, the mere thought of belonging to these structures made me feel uneasy. They seemed so uninteresting ... Some time later I was overwhelmed by a sense of duty and it was then that I signed up here and there. Now I know that this is the surest way to get to know "related souls", as Ania Shirley used to say, and to find out "what's up in the grass". Ultimately, I belong to SCBWI, IBBY Polska and PTB.


(Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators -, International Board on Books for Young People - , Polskie Towarzystwo Biblioterapeutyczne, ).

My dear,

Sometimes I think that each of us has a mountain. Some choose the more difficult routes, while others climb the summit on less steep slopes ... My mountain is best illustrated by the pile of books you see in the picture.

Each one was built at a different height, at a different time. I hope that there are new ones ahead of me, on the road I am following :)

My dear,

It's a pleasure to come home when summer is in full swing and every morning brings you a sunny day. Today, I invite you to my alley, where fairy tales are written so lightly. The cup is waiting for sweet, strong and very warm coffee, which will be ready in no time. A few comforting sips, a moment of looking at the clouds and I can write ... Ah, how nice! Wish me some vows.

szklana kula lotinka.jpg

Similar not similar


My dear,
Sometimes I feel a peculiar spiritual relationship with an unknown artist whose work I recognize. This was the case with the glass ball with flutterby. For the winged creature looks like the one in my imagination,

which is the heroine of many of my fairy tales.

Look at the subtle girl - butterfly. Isn't he charming?

Moral or the dot above "and"


My love
When discussing my writing skills further, one cannot ignore the moral, in other words the punch line.

Well, I try to make every fairy tale have a message, because I believe that thanks to this the youngest learn to distinguish good from evil. Is this not a beautiful fairy tale feature?

kropka nad i.jpg

How are my books made?


Step one: pen by note ...


My love
Sometimes I hear the question: how are ideas born? They are in me and around me. Something or someone, sometimes it is an accidental passerby, is remembered by me, inspires and finally, after some time, I start to tell a story. And then the time is coming for a tedious, writer's workshop ... And although I am bored with ant, literary work, as long as words circulate in my thoughts, they form into sentences, and then into fairy tales, poems, etc., so long I feel a deeply creative sense of its existence.
At the beginning I write with a pen. Kajet, a piece of paper and ink make writing a real, dare I say, even a solemn act. I start with the story plan and then develop more points. Sometimes I make changes, sketch, make corrections, read selected fragments aloud. That's how the next days, weeks, months of summer pass ...

Weronika Madryas baśnioterapeuta autorka powieści

Let's start from the beginning, that is school days, when I was eager to write diaries. It lasted over a dozen years, from elementary school to high school.

Today, I sometimes browse through notebooks that have been saved for years, which always causes nostalgia behind me from those times, sometimes makes me laugh, sometimes touches me.

I wrote my first fairy tale in college and titled Piassena. This is a story about a traveler who reaches an amazing desert land. Then came the time for another one. To date, I have published several collections of fairy tales, including: Fairy Tales, Veronica Fairy Tales, Fairy Tales for Ania, Fairy Tales of the Silver Moon (Le fiabe della luna argentata), Fairy Tales of Golden Stars (Le fiabe delle stelle dorate), Book of Males, shorter books: Feather, A flower and a crow and a Droplet, as well as Ania from the Fairy Tale Green Gables and the The Stone of Power trilogy. I am currently working on the fourth volume of the novel

The Stone of Power, entitled Wolf King.

The collection of Fairy Tales of the Silver Moon (Le fiabe della luna argentata) is a special booklet, because it contains a fairy tale Tree and a Bird, which I have a great fondness, as well as Lost Shadow belonging to the series of forest stories, in which there are: Flutterbyes, Trudgers, Fleurettes and Wotsits. The latter are divided into forest (inhabiting hollows in trees) and urban (inhabiting crevices in parquet). Flutterbyes live in cocoons dangling on branches, Fleurettes in goblets of flowers and Trudgers in burrows hollowed out under a tree. The architecture of burrows is based on the root structure.

Currently I am also involved in fairy tale therapy. Together with children we are working on the collection of Fairy Tales from the Enchanted Land.

For ten years I was on the jury of the competition My Wrocław Fairy Tale, organized by the Youth Culture Center Nicolaus Copernicus in Wroclaw.

I also wrote novels for adult readers, Portrait of Laura and In Laura's Shadow.

For many years I worked at the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication, where I conducted classes with students in subjects related to broadly understood social communication.

"Academic alley"

Beloved, although hard to believe, the university is somewhat reminiscent of the unusual world of fairy tales. For scholars are fighting their own good against evil, when they tirelessly seek solutions to complicated matters and of great importance. Please look at the picture, and you will probably notice that at university tradition is a big deal, as well as in the fairy world of my fairy tales. It is the rituals that set the rhythm of the academic year, just like the wizarding rituals. The outfit can also be interesting. Do you like my toga, peculiar hat and diploma tube?
And to my less fairy-tale publications are two committed while working at the university.

Weronika Madryas_public relations 3.jpg
Weronika Madryas_public relations 2.jpg
Weronika Madryas_public relations.jpg

"Welcome to my Fairy Tale"

Anne from the Fairytale Land of Green Gables

The Stone of Power


Szlana kula z kolibrem i kwiatami

Laura's portrait

Kobiecy potret powieść romantyczna


Przycisk sklep.jpg
Lot balonem ilustracja z dziewczynkami

Green Gable

Lato na Zielonym Wzgórzu
Wyprawa bohaterów ucieczka przed smokiem


Baśniowe ilustracje do książek
Włoska polonia spotkanie literackie


Weronika Madryas kontakt

Anne's Gallery

Galeria Ani dziecięce ilustracje
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