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How are your favorite books made?

It's here :)

Here I am holding Fairy Tales from the Enchanted Land :)


I read them to children in kindergarten and they beautifully illustrated each story. Next to it there are also photos of young artists.

What a great souvenir!


The book was beautifully published by the Miniatura Publishing House and Mr. Miecisław Mączka from Krakow.

Watch for yourself and listen to the fairy tale about the Enchanted Eggs :)

My dear,
Ever wondered how your favorite books are made? Well, it takes a lot of effort, patience and fantasy to create a collection of fairy tales, similar to the one standing on the shelf in your room, and which mother, dad, grandmother or grandfather reach out to read to you before you go to sleep.

First of all, the writer must have a creative sense, i.e. an idea for a story and the ability to write down his thoughts beautifully.

Secondly, you need an illustrator who reads the text carefully and likes the story and its heroes well enough to draw them.

Thirdly, a publisher is required to be responsible for the final preparation of the book. It is in the publishing house that a literary correction is made, which means finding and correcting errors. There is also a graphic designer, giving the final appearance of the booklet. It is only when the book is fully prepared that it goes to the printing house, from where it goes to the wholesalers, and then to the bookstores and libraries. Now you know how it is with these books.

In my FAIRY STUDY the children play the role of illustrators. And so came the Fairy Tales from Enchanted Land. For my work, I needed a draft to write a plan and a computer that replaces the old typewriter for modern writers. The children demanded crayons, paints and blocks.

The Miniatura Publishing House led by Miecislaw Mączka did the rest
And here they are - Fairy Tales from Enchanted Land. Oh what!


A collection of fairy tales illustrated by children from a kindergarten in Wrocław.

Dzieci robia ksiazke 4.jpg
Dzieci robia ksiazke 2.jpg
Dzieci robia ksiazke 3.jpg

I invite you :) Write to me if you want children from your kindergarten to illustrate and publish a fairy tale with their paintings :)

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