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My dear,

today, among the photos and letters, I discovered a press clipping commemorating my first meeting with Paweł Deląg during the award ceremony in the literary competition "My Wrocław fairy tale" organized by the Wrocław MDK named after Nicolaus Copernicus. A lot of time has passed since that day, when Paweł came to Wrocław to read fairy tales to children. What remains are pleasant memories of meeting children and sympathy. Paweł's later kindness and unusual openness to completely selfless help resulted in the recording of audiobooks, which you can find on my website I invite you to listen to fairy tales read in a warm voice with a beautiful timbre.

My dear,
I once wrote a fairy tale about the lost shadow of Felix the trudger. Desperate Felix searched for his shadow for a long time and with the help of the shadow of a flutterby. As you can see in the photo, the shadow may also be lost in the green of the fields ...

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Kołysanka Srebrzystego Księżyca

Silver Moon Lullaby


Well, I wrote a lullaby to my daughter Ania, when she was quite small. However, it was only the meeting with Jerzy Filar that inspired the recording of the song, the final version of which is on the disc Two souls.

I had the pleasure to meet Jerzy in his recording studio, where Paweł Deląg read the Polish version of the Silver Moon Fairy Tale. I did not think then that the musician would want to compose music and sing my lullaby.

Two years ago, I also had the great pleasure of participating in the concert at which Jerzy Filar sang the Silver Moon Lullaby. Even 4-year-old Ania, despite the late hour, seemed to be moved by the performance of the song that had accompanied her since her birth.

Lost Shadow, Weronika Madryas

Translated and read by Graham Crawford.

Felix's lost shadow, reads by Paweł Deląg


"I admit I was a bit ..." he scratched his ear, searching for the right word. "Somewhat dry on my shadow," he said reluctantly.

"I thought so, too," Bibi sighed and looked reproachfully at the tram. - How dry? - drilled the topic, eagerly tapping the small foot.

"Very, very dry," he admitted remorsely, dropping his eyes under the scolding look of the lotto. "I said my shadow was obtrusive and malicious," he confessed quietly. "And that he still mocks me," he added.

Just as he remembered the distress he had caused his shadow, large tears rolled out of his eyes.

"It's hard," Bibi whispered, shaking her concerned head. "

I met Paweł for the first time almost ten years ago during the final of the literary competition "My Wroclaw Fairy Tale" organized by MDK named
Nicolaus Copernicus in Wroclaw. I was a member of the jury and invited
Paweł, that his presence would honor the ceremony and read the winning fairy tales.

It also happened. My guest did a great job to the joy of children.
Then we met several times whenever I needed help in my literary activities. During one such meeting, in the studio of Jerzy Filar, an audiobook for "Fairy Tale Silver Moon" was recorded. I invite you to listen to the stories read in the velvet voice of a talented actor.

05 Zagubiony cien dreptaka Feliksa Pożeg
06 Zagubiony cien dreptaka Feliksa Spotk
07 Zagubiony cien dreptaka Feliksa Powró

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