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My dears,

Today I will quote a fragment of my fairy tale.

The Tree and the Bird is a fairy-tale story about love stronger than death itself...

- Was your love for the bird called Feather so strong that you would like to be united with it for all eternity?

- This is my dream, dear fairy - the tree replied solemnly.

- So let it come true! – exclaimed the fairy, touching the trunk with her wand and whispering the words of the spell.

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My dears,

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist? If so, after reading this book you will see that it is completely unnecessary. In Dr. Świstak's office, your teeth will be treated so that you can crunch nuts like Kitka the squirrel and smile broadly.

"Groundhog Transformation" is a great reward for every brave patient.

If you are interested in purchasing, please contact me.

My dear,

Santa Claus is fast approaching,

so I encourage you to read my story about a generous donor and an unusual request he received just before Christmas.

basnie grudniowe.jpg

My dear,

I like to look at the children's world. Therefore, I am sharing with you Ania's illustration drawn for my fairy tale Arklandia. The picture shows the main character - a traveler and his reindeer.

podroznik i renifer.jpg

My beloved

please keep your fingers crossed for the book we are preparing for the literary competition. You can peek through the keyhole and see one of the fairy tales.

nowa ksiazka.jpg

Dear friends, welcome to the next fairy-tale meeting. Today a fragment of the fairy tale "The Magic Case" from the collection "Fairy Tales for Ania" . A mysterious testament begins a series of mysterious adventures of a young musician. Invite :)

How Santa Claus asked the Tooth Fairy for a favor and helped save the Tooth Palace.

In a festive atmosphere, I read the fourth part of the fairy tale to children under the lighted Christmas tree lights :)

Dear readers,

I invite you to read my Christmas story. In this story fragrant with pine needles and gingerbread, you will meet: Santa Claus, charming elves, Rudolf, the Tooth Fairy, the Great Healer, and Mr. Monetka and his son, Kacper. If you are curious how Santa Claus helped save the Tooth Palace and what favor the fairy asked for, do not hesitate any longer and sit down to read.
For me, I wish you a happy Christmas and lots of amazing things that can happen in these fairy-tale days ...

How Santa Claus asked the Tooth Fairy for a favor and helped save the Tooth Palace - I read the next part of the December Fairy Tale :)

Today I am reading a continuation of the December Fairy Tales :)

Listen to the problem that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Mr. Monetka had :)

Dear friends, today I am reading the December Fairy Tales - How Santa Claus asked the Tooth Fairy for a favor and helped save the Tooth Fairy Palace :)

The fairy tale about the aristocratic cricket Ernest continues.

A scandal, a misalliance - what are they in the face of sincere feelings.

Ernest in love - aristocrat cricket,

continued - the snail enters the scene :)

Ernest Aristocrat and dragonfly Bella in love :)

Listen to the rest of the fairy tale :)

Today it's a fairy tale, Halloween :) One of the glass balls is unique. This is what Grandpa will give Eryk .....

Dear friends, today I am reading a fairy tale about Ernest - an extremely aristocratic cricket. Where will great and unexpected love lead him?

Today very light, full of humor and charm poems about Cucumbers :)

Those in the field, those in the jar - they will make everyone laugh :)

My dear,

I cordially invite you to purchase and read the e-book "Tree and Bird" available in the Helion online bookstore in three language versions: Polish, English and Italian.
Here is a fragment of a fairy tale.
-Nest? the branch creaked with surprise.
"Every tree should have a nest," observed the bird cautiously.
"The trees are lonely," the trunk replied.
"It doesn't have to be that way," Feather said. If I become at home in your leaves and branches, I will become part of you. In a nest on your branch I will lay eggs and raise chicks. You will witness them hatch and grow up. It is from your embrace that they will see the sun, moon and sparkling stars at night.

Umbrella in love - a bright fairy tale for gray days.

Listen to a beautiful story about the meeting of dreamy hearts and umbrellas :)

Lots of great poems and books for children :)

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Bibliotherapy book for children
Lost shadow of Feliks Trudger

"Welcome to my Fairy Tale"

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