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(...) - I have! Dufon perked up, feeling the expectant eyes of the gathered. – I will tell you, dear friends, about the bird and the tree.

"About a bird and a tree?" whispered around in astonishment.

"And where's the love?" asked the inquisitive tramp.

– Patience! thundered the excited elf. "It's a story of love stronger than death itself," he said, lowering his voice to a whisper.

Conversations and murmurs ceased. The eyes of the treadmills widened in surprise, the elves fidgeted restlessly, and the ailerons rested their chins on their clasped hands, waiting intently for a story. (...)

A tree and a bird - a beautifully illustrated fairy tale by Weronika Madryas

  • Pdf, richly illustrated version

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