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"Welcome to my fairy tale!"

Good morning dears :)

Today I wanted to thank the teachers, donors, children, all institutions that supported the project of publishing my Sicilian story about the travels of the elf Feliks, illustrated by children who are students of the ZSS at the Children's Health Center, Polish diaspora children and children from kindergarten No. 124 in Warsaw. Thank you to everyone involved in the project for supporting this initiative. I am happy to announce that soon I will be able to show you this book :)

My dear,

the Polish-language edition of Ania z Fairytale Green Gables will be released soon. I believe that I will find readers among you!

okladka_ania z bajkowego wzgorza m.jpg

My dear,

so far, we have already collected half of the amount needed to print a book for children who are patients of the Children's Health Center. The children themselves prepared illustrations for the text. If you want to support the implementation of this project, please donate money to the account of Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka. Thank you very much for your support. I hope to publish a book for Children's Day.

numer konta.jpg

My dear,

our campaign aimed at publishing a book illustrated by children from the Special School Complex No. 78 at the Children's Health Center is getting wider and wider.

Please watch the movie.

My dear,

I have already received works illustrating my "Sicilian story. The journey of Felix the elf". The pictures are the work of children who are pupils of the ZSS school No. 78 operating at the Institute  "Monument - Children's Health Center". The goal of this charity project  is to publish a children's book. Income from  books would be used to support this noble institution. If you have any ideas where to get the budget or how to reach a publisher who will support this idea, please write. I'm starting my search. I will be very grateful for your help!

My dear,

I invite you to listen to

a very autumn song written by me and sung by the talented pianist

Marta Skowron.

kasztan mp3Weronika Madryas, Marta Skowron
00:00 / 02:26
Lotinka dreptak samochod.jpg

My dear,

the first and very hot day of vacation has come. On this occasion, I wish you a sweet, hot summer, cold, refreshing ice cream, short and long journeys, sea, lakes, mountains, new friendships and lots of reasons to smile.

Every holiday Sunday, I also invite you to listen to my fairy tales, which I will traditionally read for you.

Good morning sweethearts :)

On the occasion of today's Children's Day, I would like to wish you wonderful gifts, wonderful moments, make your dreams come true and that you would remain children forever in your hearts.

Golden carpets

- the May road to the Fairy-tale Green Gables.

Droga na BZW 2.jpg

Hello, my dear :)


Today I have a great pleasure to present you the book Anne from the Fairytale land of Green Gables . The book is translated into English and from May 2022 it will be sold on Prince Edward Island, also at the Lucy Mount Montgomery Museum

run by her heir, George Campbell.

Please have a look at the back cover where you will see two Green Gables.

I invite you to read :)

Anne from the Fairytale Land of Green Gables

Ania z baśniowego Zielonego Wzgórza ilustracja balon
spotkanie skrzatow_logo z ramka 2.jpg

My love

Look at the illustration of two sprites eating watermelon. Well, I decided to enrich my work with an anti-racist context, which seems very important to me nowadays. And since the eternal mission of fairy tales is to show the importance of sensitivity, kindness, compassion, it is also worth mentioning tolerance and respect for otherness.
From now on, I would like my immortal babies, that is, flutterbys, fleurettes, pixies and trudgers, to have the faces of children of different races from time to time. And now look at the drawing again and say please have you liked the elf Manuel?

Weronika Madryas


Welcome to my fairy tale!

Welcome to my fairy tale!
The forest wotsit is smoking a pipe,
the flutterby sings sweetly,
and the trees are buzzing around ...

Here time flows carefree,
the fleurette drinks dew,
and trudger our scholar
the plane has folded.
Soon the clouds will soar,
followed by birds with a rope ...

Here is a beetle in the forest
dreaming quietly about a beetle,
and the spider weaves the thread,
for dresses and frills,
drapes and curtains ...

Welcome to my fairy tale!
This chanter is laughing so
when he dances with the wizard.
And only children know
spells that open
fairy tale world and time ...

You boys with girls
I invite you therefore!

Weronika Madryas_miasto_wrobel.jpg

If you like: silver moonlight at night, frivolous wind during the day, rooster crowing at dawn, orchestra of crickets at dusk, call of an owl when night silence around, smell of wild strawberries, green frogs jumping along the stream, giant dragonflies with blue wings, spring chicks, foxes in winter, and house elves, lottoes and talking bees, you should visit the Fairytale Green Gables, on top of which stands a charming house with a red sloping roof, spreading like a toadstool hat. And when you wander in those places, you will probably meet Anne from the Fairytale Green Gables and her grandparents, the hosts in a cozy hut. Therefore, I invite all admirers of the Green Gables and Annes who live there!

Books and audiobooks (Anne pdf :)

Książki Weroniki Madryas, baśnie dla dzieci

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