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"Welcome to my fairy tale!"

My dears,

I invite you to contact me regarding proofreading of texts. I will be happy to check the accuracy of what you write. The hardest thing to evaluate is yourself. Feel free to write.

Weronika Madryas


Garden frog
that's quite a deal!
That is the question,
whether to kiss her
or photograph?

Moi Mili,

wczorajsze baśniowe spotkanie z dziećmi było przemiłe, a serce, które otrzymałam, jest wzruszające.

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Weronika Madryas

At the end of March
snow is melting,
the trees' hair is turning green,
the sun is warming more and more boldly.

Spring walks in a flowing dress,
in a storm of curls she wears a wreath,
where birds make their nest
and chirping in the thicket of hair.

On lawns and squares
crocus, snowball and daisy.
Tulips and daffodils
in garden, even beds.

And radishes and parsley
and cress, and duck.
Behind her is a drake and ducklings,
there are baby birds hiding everywhere.

But spring can be capricious,
then storms and rain call.
Then it softens again
the sun caresses the wet greenery.

Good morning dears :)

Today I have the great pleasure of presenting a short, culinary brochure, published by the Printex publishing house, dedicated to the recipes of my grandmother - Weronika. I created the booklet based on the recipes contained in this booklet. I invite you to read it to lovers of strawberry shortcakes, sponge cake pancakes, apples in dressing gowns, cheesecake donuts, sorrel soup, pickled apples, "purple sweetness" and Sunday rice cake with fruit :)
I encourage you to cook according to Grandma Weronika's recipes :)

Good morning dears :)

Today, from Wrocław, I wanted to share some good news with you and show you two books that were published in July, when we were at the seaside. The first is Sicilian Tale. The journey of Felix the elf illustrated by children from the Children's Memorial Health Institute. The second is Anne of Fairytale Green Gables in the Polish version. I invite you to Sunday reading fairy tales we will read this book :)

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My love

Look at the illustration of two sprites eating watermelon. Well, I decided to enrich my work with an anti-racist context, which seems very important to me nowadays. And since the eternal mission of fairy tales is to show the importance of sensitivity, kindness, compassion, it is also worth mentioning tolerance and respect for otherness.
From now on, I would like my immortal babies, that is, flutterbys, fleurettes, pixies and trudgers, to have the faces of children of different races from time to time. And now look at the drawing again and say please have you liked the elf Manuel?

Weronika Madryas_miasto_wrobel.jpg

Weronika Madryas


Welcome to my fairy tale!

Welcome to my fairy tale!
The forest wotsit is smoking a pipe,
the flutterby sings sweetly,
and the trees are buzzing around ...

Here time flows carefree,
the fleurette drinks dew,
and trudger our scholar
the plane has folded.
Soon the clouds will soar,
followed by birds with a rope ...

Here is a beetle in the forest
dreaming quietly about a beetle,
and the spider weaves the thread,
for dresses and frills,
drapes and curtains ...

Welcome to my fairy tale!
This chanter is laughing so
when he dances with the wizard.
And only children know
spells that open
fairy tale world and time ...

You boys with girls
I invite you therefore!

If you like: silver moonlight at night, frivolous wind during the day, rooster crowing at dawn, orchestra of crickets at dusk, call of an owl when night silence around, smell of wild strawberries, green frogs jumping along the stream, giant dragonflies with blue wings, spring chicks, foxes in winter, and house elves, lottoes and talking bees, you should visit the Fairytale Green Gables, on top of which stands a charming house with a red sloping roof, spreading like a toadstool hat. And when you wander in those places, you will probably meet Anne from the Fairytale Green Gables and her grandparents, the hosts in a cozy hut. Therefore, I invite all admirers of the Green Gables and Annes who live there!

Books and audiobooks (Anne pdf :)

Książki Weroniki Madryas, baśnie dla dzieci

Download books to read from:

About the author

From art to science, i.e. fairy tales in the fight against disease


Other books

Autorka baśni Weronika Madryas
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Baśniowe przygody dreptaków i lotinek

The Stone of Power

Anne from the Fairytale Land of Green Gables


Lunar Tales
of Veronica

Kamien wladzy ilustracja orły sokoły
Ania z baśniowego Zielonego Wzgórza ilustracja balon
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Books and audiobooks



Green Gables

Książki i audiobooki Weroniki Madryas
Jolanta Czarnecka ilustratorka ilustrator baśni artysta grafik
Audiobooks for children
Zielone Wzgorze nastrojowy zakątek

In Italiano


Anne's Gallery

Laura's portrait

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